Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleaning House

Well, it's been super busy since my last post & I haven't had an opportunity to take pictures.

However, with Day One of the challenge in Tsh's book, I

*Gathered 2 bags of magazines I've been "meaning to read" and recycled them
*Gathered 3 bags of recycling that had been piling up
*Had Blake get all of these out of the house

I've started a box of things that we haven't used or don't need, and I will take all of that to Goodwill or a consignment shop.

My sister-in-law is getting married in about a month, so I contacted her and was able to give her tons of things laying around, including

*A very fuzzy blanket [we have so many piled everywhere]; this was actually one she had gotten me for Christmas, but she was very glad that she could take it and snuggle with it in her new house! I was worried about offering it to her, but she gladly received it.
*A toaster oven & tea maker from the kitchen which we haven't used in over a year, if not longer
*Piles of clothes that were either going to be stuck away in the closet or consigned, so luckily she can use them!
*A laundry hamper which I haven't used lately because I've just been sorting in piles in my laundry room
*End tables which had come from her Granny! These will be great in their new house!
*Our coffee table, which has been getting too much yogurt, apple juice, and crumbs slathered in the cracks between the wood and the glass -- I had been pondering this, and I'm so glad we made this choice! We have so much room in our living room now!
*Some decor for her walls that I haven't been using!

It's so amazing how many of the things we keep, either because they are gifts or we think we might use them again, are actually really useful and helpful to others! :) It's also amazing how many of those things we find when we didn't even know we had so much that could be useful to others!

The book is actually separated into rooms, and I have issues with sticking to one room at a time, as you can tell from this list!  I've just been doing a massive overhaul, either finding places for the things in our home, rearranging or repurposing what we have, or deciding to let go of it!

The room that's causing the most stress is Bella & Declan's room. We have so many toys and gadgets and furniture galore in there! If you know of any helpful organizing or decluttering ideas for kids' rooms, feel FREE to share!

I wish I had taken pictures of everything we've moved out! We actually have a little more room to walk, breathe, and be ourselves here.  Our minds are clearer, and it's getting a tiny bit easier to keep it picked up each day......

Just wanted to stop for a few minutes & let you know how it's going!

Love, Jen

PS - On Tsh's blog this week, I just noticed she's starting a Project Simplify series and working on kids' stuff! Maybe this will come in handy.............


  1. I need to do this!! We got rid of so much when we moved from Boston to California, but it's amazing how quickly it all piles up again. I feel like it's a process we're continually going through. I need to get that book you're reading. I used to read the Simple Mom blog all the time, but haven't been lately. I should again!

    1. It's been so nice! I get so overwhelmed sometimes & it's amazing how much easier it is to keep things straightened without piles of stuff I'm not even using! I also read another blog today @ and it is really encouraging when it comes to not bringing all those extra things into the house! I want everything in here to be beautiful or useful, which is the basis of the whole book!


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